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Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
Mobile: 07928131714

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Let's talk!

Let's talk!

As an art enthusiast and perfectionist, I aim to create your art vision to the highest of standards - whether it be a Pet Portrait or Dream Landscape. I believe it is important for us both to fully establish exactly what it is you want, before I start working on the piece. Many of my commissions involve recreating from a photograph. If this is true to your request then it is important you supply me with the highest quality photograph you can. The better the photograph: the better the comission will come out. For example, if you would like me to paint your pet I would recommened sending me photographs of them in natural/outside lighting without flash.  


I am confident using graphite & coloured pencils, acrylic paint as well as working with watercolours on less detailed pieces. I am happy to discuss with you which art medium would be best suitable for your piece if you are unsure. 


Prices start at a minimum rate of £40 (excluding P&P). Prices depend and vary thoroughly upon the sizing, materials required and complexity of the piece. £40 would relate to an A4 basic graphite drawing. If you have a set budget, I would happily explain what I could do for you with it.

Please email me with details of what you would like to comission me to do and I will get back to you with a quote including cost of P&P.


I require a deposit of 50% of your total payment (including P&P) before I start to work on your piece. When I have completed your piece, and you are happy with it, I then require the rest of your payment. This can be via PayPal or a bank transaction. 

How long will it take?

This completely depends on how busy my schedule is and how complex your piece is. My aim is to complete all comissions within 2-3 weeks of starting, however this cannot be guarenteed so I prefer to individiually assess how long each particular piece will take. Although, if you do require a piece to be completed and with you by a certain date, please make this clear and I will let you know whether or not this is possible.


Sound good? Feel free to email me using the form below or independently to